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How to Free Your Mind Immediately by Decluttering Your House
Buddha says, “Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your unguarded thoughts.” Whether your life is full of energy or not, it has to do with what is on your mind. Free your mental space for a less complicated and more comfortable experience. This decluttering process indeed works to get rid of unnecessary thoughts that hinder your productivity.
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The mental clutter partly results from messy surroundings. That is why you had better keep your living space tidy by vacuum cleaning, etc. Make it a regular practice. Below we have listed some of the simplest and most effective ways to declutter your house and regain control of your life.
1. Focus on minimalism for maximum effect
You have a closer relationship with your space than you may realize. It is associated with the unpleasant circle - psychological state, anxiety, and clutter. You make a mess sometimes because you are upset. It is the other way around other times, when you might clean because you are energetic and feel good.
Hence, to avoid depression, try styling your home in a minimalistic fashion. Leave more space to make your place feel less cluttered. Consider saying goodbye to all the excess things in the house. Then clean and dust your entire house with a vacuum cleaner. You’ll feel good afterwards.
2. Try and escape the trap of materialism
This is one of the surefire ways to find happiness. No doubt, not being dependent on things is impossible. Still, you can try choosing between the things you need and those you uncontrollably gather and stock. That will benefit your wallet too. For example, you can spend money on something more worthwhile like buying a book or going to a cinema rather than purchasing dozens of similar earrings that you may not ever wear.
Also, by so doing, you can avoid piling up things in your place and ending up with a lot of discomfort and more anxiety. Also, think about changing the very old with the new. Replace the sofa, draperies, etc. Or else, rely on multi-purpose furniture and appliance - for example, the best rated vacuum cleaners for optimal home cleaning.
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3. Get rid of clutter in your kitchen to stop mindless eating
Dealing with kitchen clutter can improve your physical and mental health. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home. You store and manage various things (dirty dishes, etc.) there.
According to studies, if you already have some stress, a disorderly kitchen may entice you to quickly eat unhealthy foods. The respondents who suffer from regular stress end up snacking on twice as many cookies in messy kitchens as the ones who have decluttered their areas to cook and prepare food. It contributes to over 50 additional calories to their diet.
4. Enjoy it instead of it being dreadful
Stop focusing on how miserable it is to handle decades of junk which your family has gathered from different life stages. Otherwise, you will never be able to take it on. It will just further burden you mentally and physically, even when you have not started tackling it yet.
Instead, think about the joy of clearing your house of the old dusty waste and debris. “Let it go; let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore.”
5. Make your living space more beautiful
Make your closets and storage areas more attractive with the addition of pleasing things - for instance, lovely framed art. By doing so, you will also think twice before infecting this inspiring happy space with a large pile of junk.
Have you filled the basement with things you have not used for ages? Closets haunted by outfits from the 60s and 70s? Enough! They are cluttering your home. Even worse, they clog up your mind.
You should prioritize decluttering your living space. Sell the stuff you haven’t looked at in over a year. When you realize you can begin and finish something, you will find motivation from that accomplishment to avoid creating another mess and better your life.
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That said, do not be too hard on yourself. Instead, start by breaking the tasks down in small steps. Allow them to become a routine and a part of your healthy lifestyle.
In the end, decluttering your mind and being more physically and mentally healthy will add more fantastic value to your life than the things you never use.

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