Unique Christmas Ornaments

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Unique Christmas Ornaments

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Unique Christmas Ornaments
Ornaments are one of the highlight decorations for a Christmas tree. Many people also want their Christmas tree to be sparkle and beautiful on these days. As a result, unique Christmas ornaments become a hot trend for this festive season.
You can dress your tree by some traditional Xmas ornaments but if you want some unique ornaments and you have free time, just design your own ornaments. You can make your own one of a kind ornaments.

Here are some personal ornaments you can make by yourself from materials you already have in your home without spending any pennies. These decorations can be made from some old-fashioned baubles available in your house.

Old-fashioned light bulbs

Just using some materials such as tinsel, baubles, some painted brushes, strings, glue and your skills, you can create some unique Christmas decorations from burned bulbs like these below.

Unique Christmas ornaments 1

Just glue some Noel wrapping papers on the bulb, a colorful Christmas ornament can be made.

If you want to make some sparkling ornaments, tinsels can be very useful for you.

Unique Christmas ornaments 2

Old glass baubles

You can make your old glass baubles turn into some lively ornaments for your Christmas tree. Following these simple steps below, you can find it easy to make your own white glitter ornaments.

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Step 1: – Put some Epsom salt or kosher salt represents as snow into the baubles.

– Fill whatever thing you want to show into the baubles.

Step 2: – Fix them by a glue gun.

Step 3: – Hang them by a string or colorful ribbon around the tree, or a branch.

Old CDs can be a great idea to design a new bauble for your tree.

Unique Christmas ornaments 4

Step 1: – Cut old CDs into irregularly shaped small pieces.

Step 2: – Glue these small pieces on the bauble.

Step 3: – Stick them at irregular intervals on the bauble.

Step 4: – Decorate inside by whatever you want to show your themes.

Imitation pearls

Bead Angel Christmas ornaments or pearl baubles can result in beautifully unique decorations. These kinds of ornaments require some skills and time to prepare.

Unique Christmas ornaments 5

Wrapping papers or papers

You can spend your holiday time with your kids by an ornament craft activity. Children can enjoy crafting these snowflake ornaments and you will have a great time to gather with your family.

Unique Christmas ornaments 6


This material is suitable for those who love knitting or embroidering. By a crochet wool and a knitting crochet, you can create some Christmas tree ornaments.

Unique Christmas ornaments 7

Felt wools

If you are a skillful person, try to create these felt Xmas decorations. They can be not only reused the following year but also one of a kind ornaments to dress your tree.

Unique Christmas ornaments 8

Hower, if you are so busy with your job on these days and have no time or last minutes to prepare for decorations but you want a Christmas tree dressed with some unique ornaments, the best thing is trying rounding up some online webs, you can find some decorations you like.

Here are some unique Xmas ornaments under $15 for you.

Unique Christmas Ornaments 9

Unique Christmas Ornaments 10

It can be denied that these unique decorations can bring the holiday spirit into your home. After all, the festive season is the time for friends, family members, and your individuality, and creating some personal decorations is one of the festive activities to make all close knit on the winter days.
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